Meso Vytal

A revolutionary skin needling programme that stimulates natural collagen while also implanting a blend of Hyluronic Acid to hydrate and rejuvenate, Vitamins, Q10 and amino acids to supply the skin with essential nutrients and peptides to interupt wrinkle formation where its needed most (directly into the intersection between the epidermis and dermis).

Meso ME is an innovative cell boost rejuvenation treatment that enhances the appearance of the skin on the outside, whilst active substances are working hard below the surface, visually improving:

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Dehydrated Skin
  • Dull and tired skin
  • Skin tone and texture

Daily Skincare products can only be absorbed by the surface layer of your skin.  Meso ME is penetrating far deeper than your usual skincare routine, and with instantly radiant results.  This treatment has no downtime and is practically pain free thanks to the use of plastic needles, making this less invasive than other skin needling techniques. A course is recommended for optimum results.

Frequently asked questions

1Does it hurt?
No, the needles are plastic and are less invasive than other skin needling techniques.
2Why is Meso ME different to Dermaroller?
Meso ME is less invasive; we do not need to use numbing creams on the skin which means better absorption of the products. The contoured needle head means we can be more specific in your treatments and work in more delicate areas such as the under eye area.
3How will I look at the end of the treatment?
There is very little downtime with the treatment. You may look slightly red immediately after but this will quickly subside. The skin starts healing immediately, there will be a noticeable difference within two treatments. You may experience some mild peeling. This is very normal as the dehydrated skin leaves the stratum corneum.
4How far apart are the treatments?
For best results we recommend 4 treatments 7 days apart followed by 4 treatments 2 weeks apart, then maintenance booster treatment 6-12 weeks apart or as and when you feel you need that mess boost.

Before and After


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