Wrinkle Reduction

Want to retain your ‘youthful’ looks but in a natural way?

We have a range of effective & modern non-surgical beauty treatments to help eliminate and reduce the signs of ageing giving you smooth, fresh and glowing skin without surgery.

We offer an initial assessment consultation with Ind and Supp Nurse Prescriber Jane Byers RGN. N.P.Dip,
where a suitable treatment plan can be discussed prior to Any treatment.

This is a simple non-surgical treatment that can temporarily smooth and reduce lines and wrinkles. The treatment involves a few tiny injections, which start to take affect within a few days and last between three to four months. This treatment works by blocking the release of acetylcholine preventing the transmittal of signals from nerve cells to muscle cells.

It can also be used at an advanced technique to raise mouth corners, soften lines on the upper and lower lip, alter the appearance of the chin.

Bunny lines on the nose can be reduced, a gummy smile can be altered and neckbands and the jaw line and decollatage all reduced to create a softer appearance.


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