When you’re searching for the most effective and affordable Botox treatments, give Parfaire Laser and Skin Clinic a call today. Botulinum Toxin A, more commonly referred to as Botox, refers to a group of anti-wrinkle injections designed to aid in the relaxation of the muscles in the face. Botox consists of a protein that when administered will smoothen and soften lines and wrinkles leaving you looking refreshed and rejuvenated.

Botox is widely regarded as one of the most popular methods of offsetting the signs of ageing and is used by thousands to control the presence of lines and wrinkles. Here at Parfaire Laser and Skin Clinic, we are committed to making the entire process as simple and as straightforward as possible. You’ll begin with full consultation during which time we will discuss and determine your needs.

Following a careful review of your medical history, we will devise a bespoke treatment plan, so you achieve the results you desire. Our high-quality treatments involve injecting the Botox using a fine needle. These treatments are painless and will leave behind virtually no trace of the procedure having been carried out. Our treatments are designed to combat a range of issues such as:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Frown lines
  • Platysmal Bands
  • Forehead lines
  • Dimpled chins and much more

Giving our customers the best care

You can expect the effects to last for up to three to four months and the results will include a noticeable reduction in existing lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, Botox treatments will also help to prevent new lines and wrinkles from forming. The frequency of treatments will vary, though you can expect this number to reduce as your muscles start to retrain.

Anti Wrinkle Injections

About Anti-wrinkle injections

Botulinum Toxin is most commonly used to relax muscles of the face with an effect lasting 3-4 months on average. It usually takes 10-14 days for full effect. Botox has other applications bar smoothing out wrinkles as well. It can be used to help treat excess sweating (armpit and hand sweating) with treatments lasting up to 12 months. It can also be used to reshape the jaw line (treating square shaped jaws) and for people who have smiles that show too much gum (gummy smiles).

Our Doctor

All of our treatments are administered by Dr Rupert Critchley BM MRCGP who qualified as a medical doctor in 2009. He has completed courses in advanced non-surgical aesthetics, attained MRCS part A and is a fully qualified GP.

What we offer

The price is dependent on how many areas and where on the face that you wish to have treated. We provide a great after-care program for our patients and a free 2 week top-up if required.

Price for this treatment start at: £170

One area: £190
Two areas: £270
Three areas: £320
Botox for excessive sweating: £450
Botox for square shaped jaw: £400
Gummy smile treatment: £170

Call Parfaire Laser and Skin Clinic today on 20 8295 2088 to find out more or to book a consultation.

Botox for Gummy Smile

If you’re embarrassed about your gums showing when you smile, we can help
A smile lights up a person’s face but not everyone is happy with how their smile looks. Some people feel that when they smile they show too much of their gums, or that their gums are simply too prominent when they smile and take all the glory away from their pearly white teeth – this is often referred to as a ‘gummy smile’ which can make people feel self-conscious and thus unwilling to smile, especially in photographs.

What’s the least invasive method of reducing the look of a gummy smile?

Gingivectomy is the medical term for removing gum tissue surgically and is a costly (and rather radical) solution. A non-surgical alternative however is using Botox to target and weaken, or relax, only the muscles around the mouth that are causing the excess retraction of the lip upon smiling, which displays the extra gum tissue.

Techniques vary but the clinician should look at where the problem area lies and have a very good understanding of the anatomy of the muscles around the mouth. There are 4 injection points that can be used to depress the lip in different locations so it is vital that these are marked out from an anatomical point of view before the drug is injected.

How long will the results last?

You will see the results of your gummy smile correction for between 4 and 6 months.


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