Skin Peels

Our skin naturally sheds dead cells approximately every 28 days replacing them with new healthy cells, as we age this cell turnover slows creating a build up of dead cells which can be associated with many skin problems, make the skin dull, have uneven skin tone and texture and usually clogging pores.

Skin peels offer a revolutionary way to treat ageing skin, sun damage, pigmentation, hyper-pigmentation, acne and acne scarring. By using advanced ingredients and higher percentages of varying acids than those found in resurfacers these peels not only treat these conditions but will also improve the overall texture of the skin giving you a plumper healthier, more rejuvenated appearance.

How many treatments will I need?

1-3 treatment are required, intervals between treatment varies depending on skin condition but is usually at intervals of around 3-6 weeks. There is a maximum of 3 treatments in any 6 month period due to the intensity of these peels.

What is the treatment programme?

All treatments begin with a free consultation where we assess the skin, talk through the treatment plans and answer any questions. Because of the highly active ingredients these peels contain we will test patch behind the ear for sensitivity and will require you to prepare the skin with the recommended home care products for a minimum of 2 weeks before your in clinic treatment.


Home care is FREE when you purchase a course of 3 treatments.

TCA Age Repair
Containing 7% TCA and 2% salicylic acid this is a fantastic skin revival and corrective peel. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles, evens skin tone, lightens pigmentation while creating a smoother, softer more rejuvenated appearance to the skin.
One Treatment – £150
Three Treatments – £400

Salicylic Acne Clearing
With a high percentage of Salicylic acid this peel is great at passing through oil often found in folicles of acneic skin. It will improve active acne and breakouts while leaving your skin smooth and soft.
One Treatment – £90
Three Treatments – £320

Modified Jessner
Designed for acneic and oily skin conditions, scaring and poor hydration. This peel has anti-inflamatory and antibacterial properties resulting in a clean and clear complexion.
One Treatment – £140
Three Treatments – £380

Hibiscus Mandelic Peel
A unique treatment to target hyperpigmentation featuring a specialised blend of hibiscus AHA, Mandelic Acid and Azelaic acid to deeply exfoliate and brighten undesired pigmentation.
One Treatment – £150
Three treatments – £400

C Infusion Peel
This peel works to preserve skin cells through the most powerful botanical antioxidants. Will brighten hyperpigmentation and leave skin smooth and hydrated.
One Treatment – £140
Three Treatments – £380

SkinBrite Peel
This lightens and brightens the skin evening out skin tone. Great for sun damage and age spots this is also the only effective treatment for hormonal pigmentation.
One Treatment – £120
Three Treatments – £330


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